What Our Friends Say

"I have never been the most organized girl, just ask my husband lol, my closet, bathroom and drawers were always so dis organized it would take me forever to find what I was looking for, so I thought I'd so how much simpler it would be if it was all organized. Since I didn't have the patience to do it myself I decided to call Lacy and WOW! I didn't realize there were so many ways to simplify and organize all the things I had! I will definitely use her for other needs :wink: I highly recommend her! Trust me you will not be disappointed. "

Jennifer Hill, Alvin, TX

We have engaged Lacy to undertake a number of decorating projects for us over the last 2 years. We have always been impressed with her natural flare, practical skills and professionalism. She has always taken the time to consider our individual taste, needs and budget in her designs and we have always been very happy with the results. Lacy is a pleasure to deal with, and we have recommended her to many friends.

-Jane J.

I can’t help but say a big thank you for coming through. I am particularly an uncreative person but I have a foresight of what I wanted, just couldn’t spill it out. When I contacted you, I thought it would just be a neatly arrangement then you are done, but you amazed me. From your client friendly approach, to your expertise suggestions and most importantly your beautiful and professional setup. I am amazed at how quickly you put together a furniture plan, paint plan and managed all the various components with high level of creative settings. All the rooms seem the most beautiful. Each one is its own little work of art and yet, each is so different, and yet, each belongs to the whole. A big thank you for the excellent job well done. Your interior design services were outstanding and professional. Tanya